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3 Alternatives to Using Commercial Disinfectants

When was the last time you read the ingredients list on the back of your cleaning products? Specifically those that you use for as a disinfectant. Well I can tell you that some of those products contain harmful chemicals. Many times, you will see the warnings on these stating they are flammable or harmful if swallowed. Just think, you are breathing these fumes in, YUCK!

Here are 3 alternatives that you can use to make your home safer and they are all MUCH cheaper than buying disinfectant products.

1. Alcohol. Alcohol can be used to disinfect hard surfaces like countertops. If you choose to use alcohol as a disinfectant, make sure you are using the one that is 70% and of course the 91% works even better. Simple spray the surface and let it dry.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide. You can use hydrogen peroxide like you use alcohol. There is no need to mix it with anything. They even sell it already in a spray bottle.

3. Vinegar. Vinegar is definitely a tried a true one. You will find that vinegar is almost always used in many DIY cleaning recipes and that is because it works SO GOOD! The downside of using vinegar is the smell. One way that I get around the smell is adding an essential oil to my vinegar cleaning recipes. Some of the best essential oils to clean with are lemon, orange or tea tree.

Well maybe you aren’t the DIY type, then I would encourage you to purchase natural disinfectant cleaners. When purchasing natural cleaners be sure to read the labels to confirm there are none of those harmful ingredients in them.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope these alternatives help you to make your home just a little bit safer!

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