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An EASY DIY Glass Cleaner

Have you ever thought about making your own glass cleaner or maybe you read those yucky ingredients on the back of your glass cleaner? If you have then that is probably why you are here!

I will share a very simple DIY recipe that will leave your windows clean and streak free and plus it is cheaper.

You will need:

o Vinegar

o Distilled Water

o Rubbing Alcohol

o Dishwashing Liquid (1-2 drops)

o Spray Bottle ( I use a 32 oz. bottle)


Using a 32 oz. spray bottle, fill 16 ounces with the distilled water and add 5 ounces of vinegar and 5 ounces of rubbing alcohol. Then add the drops of dishwashing liquid. Shake well before each use.

Since this recipe has alcohol in it, DO NOT use it on eyeglasses and tinted windows. You can take the alcohol out and it will clean eyeglasses and sunglasses like a charm. Also, DO NOT use castile soap in this recipe. Castile soap will curdle in vinegar!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this makes glass cleaning a breeze for you.

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