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Aromatherapy 101 - The Basics

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Basically, aromatherapy refers to the healing technique that uses aromatic oils extracted and distilled from different plants to bring about a feeling of well being physically and psychologically.

The most common form of using aromatherapy oil is through inhalation done by placing a tiny drop of your chosen aromatherapy oil on a piece facial tissue or soft cloth. Aside from inhaling it using a cloth or a tissue, you can also reap the benefits of aromatherapy oil through steam inhalation that involves the use the aromatherapy oil dropped in bowl of hot water. Aromatherapy oils—when used in conjunction with a carrier oil—is also a great way to a relaxing massage or a soothing bath.

Since there are seemingly countless ways where one can use aromatherapy oils, it is a must to familiarize yourself what are the things you should consider before buying or purchasing aromatherapy oils.

- Conduct a little research before using specific aromatherapy oil. Since each kind of aromatherapy oil has varying therapeutic qualities, you cannot ensure that the product you're planning to buy will not cause you any harm. Make sure that you know what are the properties to be used for a specific purpose of illness.

- Be meticulous about the container. The first thing you should consider in buying aromatherapy oil is the container. If you see an essential oil that is placed in clear bottle or a plastic bottle that is not PET plastic, then disregard it because excessive light might have damaged the intrinsic properties of the aromatherapy oil. Make sure that you buy aromatherapy oils that are placed in colored bottles to ensure quality.

- Make sure that you check and double check label. By checking the label, you can ensure that the aromatherapy oil you are planning to buy is pure. Avoid buying those bottles that say "perfume" or "fragrance oil" because these do not contain pure aromatherapy oils extracted from plants.

- Examine the bottle carefully for dust and expiration date. If the bottle has dust on its cap or around its container, don’t buy it because this indicates that the product you're planning to buy is old and have probably lost its aromatic scent and healing properties.

- Consider the price. Since pure aromatherapy oils are extracted and distilled from various plants, they prices range drastically. Bear in mind that pure therapeutic aromatherapy oils that are derived from exotic plants are more expensive than those derived from common plants.

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