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Easy Wedding Favors Ideas

October 15, 2023 will mark my 7 year wedding anniversary! Getting to this point has been nothing short of amazing however I remember the planning process like it was yesterday and one of the things I remember is contemplating wedding favors for my 100 guests. So if you are in the middle of planning your wedding, hopefully these ideas will help make your task less daunting especially for those who have waited until the last minute!

Here are a few last minute stress-free ideas.

  1. Flowers. Giving your guests a single flower of your choice is an easy wedding favor. Some ideas can be a rose, carnation or calla Lilly. If none of those suit your fancy then use the theme of the flowers you have in your bouquet.

  2. Picture Frames. A real easy and cute idea is to provide each guest with a picture frame. You can place a nice picture of the happy couple in each one. Keep your cost down by printing them in black and white, which would add a great vintage look!

  3. Candy. Make your centerpieces glass jars full of candy and have organza bags at each table for your guests to fill their bags. Having the bags in your wedding colors will have a nice touch. You can also have different candy at each table and encourage your guests to mingle going from table to table to fill their bags.

  4. Calendars. This was the party favor we gave our guests, it was a magnet calendar for the following year with our name and wedding date on it. I created them on Vistaprint and they turned out lovely! Some people have said they still have them on their refrigerators.

If you are still looking for wedding gift ideas then check these out

I hope these wedding favor ideas are helpful for you. Congratulations on your big day! If you have other ideas please put them in the comments to help someone else.

Thanks for reading!

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