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3 Natural Allergy Relief Options

Do you suffer from allergies? If you do, you may have been prescribed prescription medication by your doctor. If not, you may have tried a number of over-the-counter allergy relief medications and products. Unfortunately, medicine does not always work for all allergy sufferers. That leaves many individuals wondering if there is a way that they can seek more natural relief, without the use of medicine.

As for whether or not you can seek allergy relief without the use of prescription medication or over-the-counter products, you will find that you can. In fact, you will find that you have a number of different options. Some of these options are not only safer than using medicine, but they are also much cheaper. Below are quite a few options that could be helpful to you and treating your allergies (you will see there are more than 3)!

1. If you do not suffer from food allergies, you can use food as way to seek relief. As for why you should avoid this approach if you suffer from a food allergy, it is because you may have another allergic reaction, which you are trying to prevent. With that said, if you are suffering from seasonal allergies, pet allergies, mold and mildew allergies, certain foods may be able to provide you with relief. These foods include the juice from a lime, just mix with warm water, eating one or two bananas a day, as well as drinking vegetable juices.

2. Another more natural way to relive some of the symptoms that are associated with allergies is with vitamin B5. Although many sometimes consider vitamin supplements to be medicine, they aren’t really. Even though you will be taking a supplement, it is still much more natural than many allergy relief medications. For how much vitamin B5 should be taken, most recommend one supplement a day for around two or three months.

3. Despite the fact that natural ways to seek relief from allergies are most commonly associated with natural remedies that involve certain foods, vitamins, and herbs, there are other steps that you can take. For example, you can remove yourself from your trigger factors. If you have allergies that are due to mold and mildew, avoid areas in your home where mold or mildew is present, like your basement. If you suffer from allergies due to dust, consider hiring a professional cleaning service or be sure to wear a mask when you are cleaning.

Those are just a few options that can help you get some relief at home without buying expensive medicine over the counter. If you feel like your allergies are getting worse, seek a medical professional, your allergies might require a prescription.

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