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Natural Pain Relief Options

Updated: Feb 27

We live in a society where the pharmaceutical industry operates for profit instead of for people. Medicine is generally given to help “treat” an issue, not cure it. Am I saying that all medicine is bad? Nope! Are there some medicines that actually work and help? Absolutely! But when it comes to pain medications, some can have horrible side effects like:

· nausea

· vomiting

· feeling lethargic

· constipation and many more!

These side effects often have some people searching for alternatives to help with pain relief in addition to taking medicine. Some people have reported not having to take as much medicine after implementing some of the tips below.

So, here are a few things that you can do to help alleviate your pain:

1. Daily stretching. This has been quite helpful for people with back, shoulder and leg pains. Consult your physician for stretching exercises that could help you.

2. Apply heat. Heat helps your muscles relax thus relieving some of the pain in many areas. Be sure to follow the usage recommendations when using a heating pad.

3. Get a massage. Massage therapist are freaking AWESOME! They can not only help relieve some of the pain but they can also recommend other things to help that are designed specifically for you.

4. Try acupuncture. An oldie but goodie. The benefits of acupuncture can help you with pain relief as well as addressing some of the underlying issues that may be causing your pain.

5. Find topical treatments. If you take a trip down the medicine aisle of almost any store, you can find topical pain relief gels, ointments and patches. Ms. Cece’s Creations also offers pain relief oils to address mild to moderate pain caused by muscle aches, arthritis and nerve pain. You can find it

Thanks so much for making it this far and I hope you found these tips helpful. Remember that consistent use produces consistent results!

*** Disclaimer: this is not medical advice, do not, I repeat DO NOT stop taking your pain medicine without consulting your doctor or pharmacist!

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