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The Difference Between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

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If you are new to the journey of using less harmful chemicals and products, I’m sure you have come across so many DIY recipes that typically call for essential oils. So you go online searching for the lavender essential oil and not knowing the search engine will show you lavender essential oil and lavender fragrance oil in the same list and you’re on a budget so you pick the cheapest one on the list. A few days later your package arrives and you are ecstatic! You go back to that DIY recipe and you get to mixing your latest concoction and POOF....a few days later, you are wondering why your new pillow spray isn’t helping you get any sleep. You go grab the bottle only to read it closely and it says “lavender, orange and lemon scented fragrance oil” yep, you bought the wrong one not knowing there is a difference but there is a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Essential Oils are usually derived from plants and have medicinal properties. Essential oils are natural and some are food grade allowing you to ingest them. The use of essential oils have been around for hundreds of years and you can scour the internet for tons of recipes to help with everything from acne to an upset stomach.

Fragrance Oils are generally used to make the area around you smell better or scent many DIY projects. Fragrance oils are typically used in the making of soaps, room sprays, candles, body butters and other personal care products. Fragrance oils CAN NOT be ingested.

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