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What's in Your Air Freshener?

Ahh, air freshener! Just saying it makes you want to inhale your favorite scent. But what if I told you that some of your favorite air fresheners contain harmful ingredients! That's right, many commercial air fresheners contain at least 3-10 harmful ingredients, just read the label.

Air freshener is defined as a substance used to make an area smell "good" or pleasant. And everyone has a different definition of what smells good, which is why there are so many option out here. We use air fresheners because we truly enjoy the scents but at what cost.

Here are 3 of the harmful ingredients found in most commercial air fresheners:

Formaldehyde: a known carcinogen often found in antifreeze and brake fluid.

Phthalates: have been known to cause reproductive issues in women and is considered an endocrine disruptor.

Xylene: a chemical that can cause headaches, dizziness, depression and impaired short-term memory.

I would encourage you to check your ingredients list and see if any of these ingredients are in your air freshener. That was just a short list but if you are anything like me, after reading just those 3 ingredients, you are probably looking for some natural air freshener options.

I have 3 amazing options just for you!

The first is Ms. Cece's Creations, LLC makes amazing naturally scented Room Sprays. Yes this is my company and I make each one by hand using only the best scents from Nature's Oil.

The second is from my friends over at Enviroscent, they are giving you 15% off your purchase. They make some awesome car clips and plug-ins, yes they are all natural!

The last one is for those who are interested in making their own scents. Head over to Nature's Oil and shop their essential and fragrance oils. These are the oils that I use for my Room Sprays and in my diffuser, their selection of oils is amazing!

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to READ YOUR LABELS!

This post contains affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you make a purchase. I stand by each product and use them as well.

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