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Stretching to Help With Back Pain

Stretching exercises are a great way to help avoid back pain, since it stretches the muscles, joints, bones, etc., thus promoting fluid and blood flow. Stretch workouts include shoulder shrug, triceps, arm, leg, trunk, torso, and other stretches. To help you avoid back pain, here are a few workouts to help you stretch those muscles.

Starting with the shoulders, stand erect. Rest your hands upon the hips and shrug them shoulders. Rotate the shoulders in slow motion and to the back up to ten counts. Next, perform the same actions; yet rotate the shoulders in slow motion toward the front.

Triceps is the extensor muscles, which require stretching to avoid tension. Stand erect and lift your arm (Right) and rest the tips of your fingers on the shoulder. (Right) Use your free hand and push it against the opposite elbow. If possible, lower the fingers down the length of your back while pushing the elbow. Count to eight and perform the same actions on the opposite side.

Arm stretches. Form a circle. First, stand erect while keeping your feet at shoulder length. Level the arms and stretch them outward in sync with the shoulders. Circle and bring the arms ahead. Count to ten and perform the same actions on the opposite side. Circle the arms largely as feasible.

Stretch the torso area. Stand erect, keep your feet at in alignment with the shoulders and gradually rotate (Starting at the waist), and then stretching to one side. Stretch ahead and move your body in rotation to the opposite side. Extend back and around again to the opposite side. Continue on each side.

These are just a few stretches that can help with easing your back pain. Remember to always stretch according to your limitations and stay safe while doing so. A little goes a long way!

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I hope you found these helpful and thanks for reading.

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